Justin Christoffersen - Lead Developer

Justin Christoffersen

Justin grew up in Denver Colorado, attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver where he studied Computer Information Systems (CIS). He has been building web sites and servers since around 2001. His primary focus has been on web development using open source technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript. Drupal is a perfect fit.

Justin enjoys participating in the Drupal community. While attending Drupalcon Szeged in Hungary, he fell in love with the Drupal community and Drupal. Building Drupal applications has been his primary focus ever since. He has gone on to volunteer for Drupalcons and Drupal Camp Colorado. He has hosted the Drupal meetups in Denver and Boulder and regularly attends the Denver/Boulder Drupal meetup (DBUG).

Outside of work, you can find him snowboarding with his brother, playing big drums, hiking and enjoying family with his wife and young daughter.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.